SAC Wolf 🐺 O'Rourc

Special Author in Charge of #Cyberspiracy and other #thrillers

Special Author in Charge Wolf 🐺 O'Rourc

I vaguely remember having delusions of protecting extraterrestrial lifeforms for MIB. Then I forgot my shades. And looked into a neuralyzer. I think.

Centuries of adventures in cybersecurity, politics, and finance haunt my memories. Maybe some agency implanted them. Who cares? They make for thrilling stories pitting quirky characters with high-tech gadgets against evil villains with vile weapons.

  • My Zazztra series follows a Vegas casino host turned superheroine through the sordid underbelly of crime at home and abroad.

  • The Cyberthriller series explores the secret world of bits and bytes through the eyes of a pink-haired hacktress.

My technothrillers reflect the 23 places I think I may have lived and studied the polyglot people that populate my transmedia storytelling.

In real life, I hang with the Henderson Writers Group, Sin City Writers Group, and the Las Vegas Screenwriters Group.

The Story Behind the Story

Why CyberSpiracy and IWinTech matter to bring girls into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.